Rowdy Yates, World's Most Decorated Living Spanish Mustang Stallion

Rowdy Yates is one of America's best known and loved Colonial Spanish Horses. He is registered with the Horse of the Americas, the American Indian Horse Registry, the Spanish Mustang Registry and the Southwest Spanish Mustang Association.

Rowdy Yates
He was chosen as a Breyer model in 2003, and his model is still available from us here at Karma Farms.
The Breyer model of Rowdy at 3 years old


To begin Mr. Yates' story, meet one of the world's finest Spanish Mustang mares. She's Espéranza (Spanish for "hope"), originally owned by Sharron Scheikofsky of Caballos de Destino in Pringle, South Dakota. "Hope" was a red dun roan mare by Dobie out of Blue Corn. Here's another shot of "Hope" in her winter coat.Hope in winter

Her unequalled production record was just beginning in 1987 when she foaled a grullo stud colt by the great old stallion Jack Slade, the patriarch of the famous Cayuse Ranch sires.
Jack Slade at age 25 (with Tomlyn Speir) Here is Jack Slad with Tomlyn Speir in 1996--Jack was 25 at the time of the photo, and Tomlyn was 10. Today Tomlym owns and rides Meet Virginia, a Rowdy daughter, and granddaughter of Jack Slade.

The cross was always a successful one. In fact, Emmett Brislawn had chosen an older brother to the new-born grulla to remain on the Cayuse at stud and as successor to Jack Slade. The older brother is named Sundowner. Sharron named this one "Rowdy Yates" for the trail herd's scout on the old black and white western series, "Rawhide". It was Clint Eastwood's first big role.

Three more foals were to follow from this cross over the years. Rowdy has 3 full brothers and a full sister. Rowdy's dam Espéranza had 16 foals in her lifetime. She died at age 24. Rowdy's sire Jack Slade died during the winter of 2002 at his home on the world famous Cayuse Ranch in Oshoto, WY.

Rowdy ran free on the Cayuse until he was a long yearling, watering in South Dakota waterholes with his buddies and grazing the strong grass of the Cayuse.
Rowdy as a yearling Well-known Mustang breeder Bryant Rickman purchased Rowdy along with several other Brislawn bred colts and fillies when he made a trip to the Cayuse and Caballos de Destino in 1989. Bryant brought 2 trailerloads of Spanish Mustangs home to Soper, Oklahoma--with Josie Brislawn driving one of the rigs. She stayed a couple of days and visited with the Rickmans, getting a good look at the Jones/Rickman herds that run free around Blackjack Mountain near Finley, Oklahoma and on Bryant's own ranch.

Here is Mr. Yates as he appeared shortly after arriving at Rickman Spanish Mustangs, flanked by Blue Feather and Utah Smoke from the Cayuse.

Rowdy w/Blue Feather & Utah Smoke

At Karma Farms we needed another Spanish Mustang stallion. The great Choctaw Sun Dance had given us some lovely daughters, but we had no outcross stallion use to on Dance's adult daughters. Bryant thought that stallion should be Rowdy Yates. Vik agreed and hauled the long-maned grulla home to East Texas.
Rowdy at 2 The grulla was already growing the mane that would become his trademark.

Rowdy Yates--head shot as a 2 year old

Rowdy grew strong and tough. But he was nervous and opinionated. When it was time to put him to work, he did fine until asked to move out.

Vik on Rowdy

Turning Rowdy in round pen

Then he showed a real talent for bucking! He wasn't going to become a riding horse TOO easily! Before Rowdy was ready to compete, he was sent back to Oklahoma where he learned to work under saddle.

Finally he was ready to come home to Karma Farms and start his career in competition.

First he won some Indian Horse halter classes,

Rowdy at halter

then Vik fine-tuned his reining, and taught him backing and side-passing.

He was ready to begin long distance work, and NATRC beckoned. That spring he had that fabulous mane braided for the first time so he'd get used to having it up. He would need to cool out as quickly as possible at the pulse and respiration checks. Braided Rowdy ready for trail.

On the trail Mr. Yates was a natural--easy gait, quick to recover pulse and respiration, legs of iron.

Rowdy climbs a steep hill at NATRC ride

He could tackle the toughest hill, make time on the toughest terrain. He learned to love being soaked down in a cool pond or lake on a hot ride.

Vik and Rowdy leave the lake

Often he was one of--if not THE--smallest horse in the ride, but he always placed high and often won his division.

Rowdy is often the smallest horse in his division

He was being shown in AIHR Shows at the same time, spending one weekend as a competitive trail horse and the next at a show.

At the 1993 AIHR National Show, he really proved his mettle. First he won the Champion Original at Halter.

Rowdy wins National Halter Championship
Then, in a large class of 27 fine Indian Horses, he won the Tejas Pleasure.

Rowdy wins huge Tejas Pleasure Class
. He even placed in the Indian Horse Over Fences--and most of the running events.
Rowdy over a jump

By the end of the show he had claimed Original Champion in Performance, too! What a horse! Rowdy Yates: Champion Original

Rowdy Yates has continued his winning ways right up to the present, wading streams...

Vik and Rowdy wade a creek

...winning show championships (like this High Point title which he captured at the 1993 Fall Show at Medicine Springs Ranch), He and Vik accept their award from SSMA founder Gilbert Jones)...

Rowdy at Medicine Springs

...climbing up, over, around and through in NATRC competitions...
Through the needle's eye here as he goes through the "needle's eye" at the Angelina National Forest CTR on Lake Sam Rayburn...

...and taking care of Vik who was badly injured when a colt fell on her in December of '96. Since the doctors finally let her start back riding, who is her main mount?

Why, none other than Rowdy Yates who is SO careful--even when they went to the Renaissance Fair as Mad Meg and her faithful steed.
At Four Winds

Screenwriter John Fusco honored Rowdy and his family in the movie Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmaron by naming Spirit's dam "Espéranza" after the real broodmare. Karma Farms not only owns Rowdy Yates, but also three other Espéranza offspring. Our friend Judy Snider owns Rowdy's ONLY full sister Dreamgiver. Andrea Delgado is the proud owner of Rowdy's 1/2 brother Doctor Wu.

Hope's Texas offspring include:

Tori Speir sits on Doctor Wu
(1)Doctor Wu, '94 grullo stallion by Chato's Shadow. Doc is a tough trail and endurance horse, has been 1998 AIHR National Solid Color Champion and is a superior games horse. He is versatile and a hard worker. He received his AIHR Hall of Fame at the 2000 National Show, completing the necessary points before he was 5 years old. He was Overall Champion Indian Horse at the 1999 AIHR Southwest Regional Championship, capturing firsts in Champion Original at Halter, Champion Solid Color, Senior Frontier Period Costume, and Senior Adult Champion Horse.

Vickie Ives on Doctor Wu in Bareback Pleasure at the AIHR National

In 2003, Doctor Wu became Espéranza's 3rd SMR Conquistador foal with points in CTR, show and games. Doc is now owned by Andrea Delgado, and wil stand at Karma Farms in 2006 for a stallion fee of $350. Andrea will be riding him in CTR and AIHR shows in next year.

Dreamgiver, Rowdy's full sister

(2)Dreamgiver,'95 grulla mare by Jack Slade, a full sister to Rowdy, Sundowner, Cactus Jack, and Dakota Blue. Dream returned to Karma Farms from John Fusco's Red Road Farm in Vermont in late June '99. She has had 2 foals including Dream of the Archer by the purple roan Horse of the Americas stallion Geronimo Fusco in 2000. Geronimo is by Little Bit (Four Lane/Little Thing) out of Wild Honey (Crane/Country Club). Dream's second foal was Hero, a dark grulla appy 2002 colt sired by X-Files (Choctaw Sun Dance/Pie). Hero is now owned by Chuck Corley and just started under saddle in October of 2005. Watch for Chuck and Hero in NATRC and AIHR competition in 2006! Dream is now collecting wins of her own including 2 first places and a fourth in 2005 in 3 rides in Novice Heavyweight in NATRC's Region 4, ably piloted by Chuck Corley. Watch for her in Region 4 CTR and AIHR shows in 2006, ridden by Judy and Chase Snider.

My Sunshine

3) My Sunshine, a '96 dun roan mare by El Tigre Segundo. "Sunshine" has captured her Grande Conquistador with points in CTR, show and games. She placed fifth in CP in Region 4's Year End awards her first year to compete, and was Champion Mare at Halter and Champion "O" Overall at the 2001 AIHR National.
My Sunshine and her 2003 filly

She had her first foal by Dance Magic (Choctaw Sun Dance/Little Corn) in 2003, a lovely filly we named Sing In The Sunshine . Sing has adopted her dam's winning ways and already was Reserve Champion weanling filly at the 2003 AIHR National. Sunshine will be campaigned in NATRC by co-owners Paul Gabel and Dorene Scanlon, and Paul will be starting Sing under saddle this winter.

Co-owner NYC native Dorene Scanlon with Sing In The Sunshine at Karma Farms

(4) Magneto, '97 sorrel colt by Broom. Here's 'Neto, another long maned Espéranza son:


'Neto was 2 in '99, and we bred his first foals that year. Broom (Liona's sire, among other good ones) is gone, and so is Hope, so we wanted to insure that this one-of-a-kind colt had a few fine offspring before being gelded. Vik wants to ride this one herself, so look for Vik and Magneto on the trails and in the show ring in 2006.
Magneto at halter, 2002

He is a pleasure to ride, both smooth and fast.

Magneto under saddle at the 2003 AIHR National Show, Susan Tuscana up

His foxtrot is faster than many Missouri Foxtrotters and very smooth.

(5) Hope's last foal was Xena! Hope foaled by the services of X-Files (Choctaw Sun Dance/Pie) in late June of '99. The foal was a filly! She's a blue corn appy which we named Xena. And she's surely our "warrior princess". We'll start Xena under saddle this year.

Hope with her 16th foal, Xena

Xena has lovely Espéranza looks and those Choctaw Sun Dance legs
Rowdy Yates Grulla Colt for sale:

Grulla colt by Rowdy Yates out of a Locomotion mare. Jason Vinson at Blazing V Ranch in Mabank, Texas has a super grulla Rowdy Yates stallion foal for sale. His dam is Swinging Lady by Locomotio (Choctaw Sun Dance/Easter Lilly), so he's that super Rowdy on Dance cross that made horses like Curtis Geoge's Thunderheart. This guy is pretty enough for a stallion prospect and bred to be a smooth ride and tough enough to be a good endurance or CTR competitor. He's halter-trained, gentle and ready to go. Call Jason or Heather Vinson at (903) 887-6138 to discuss the purchase of this fine 2005 as yet unnamed colt. Swinging Lady's Rowdy colt in July 2005.

Come visit Rowdy and his brothers and sisters here at Karma Farms and start your own Spanish Mustang legend! Visit us at our Karma Farms website more more info on America's First Horse. And be sure to check out our Ready To Ride horses at You might find your next champion. Why not the best?

Rowdy in winter at Karma Farms

Vickie Ives on Rowdy in frontier period costume

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