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Anna Crumbie and Take Me Away Anna Crumbie turns with Take Me Away

By Anna Crumbie
For her 2 year old filly "Take Me Away"

*A pretty paint comes trotting by,*
* Her ears perked up, her head held high*
*Then the trainer gives her a cue*
*What next will she choose to do?*
*The trainer said stop and thatís what she did*
*The trainer says come, you did as was bid*
*Now hold the reins right, donít let her go*
*One boot in the stirrup, nice and slow *
*Donít sit down yet, we donít want a scare*
*Let her get used to you being up there*
*Foot back on the ground, she did fine*
*Without a jump, without a whine*
*This time sit down, sheís that far along*
*So far she hasnít done anything wrong*
*Seatís in the saddle, sheís still and thatís best*
*Donít move around, letís give her some rest*
*Give her some pats, youíre on her at last!*
*Without any sprains, and without a cast*
*A few minutes pass of shifting around*
*Getting her used to you up off the ground*
*Move along now, letís tell her to go*
*Letís start her off with something sheíll know*
*She understands kiss, we saw that before*
*Now that sheís going donít ask her for more* Anna Crumbie poses with Take Me Away
*Now time to stop, more weight, not more hands*
*Give her more cues that she understands*
*Now turn her around the other way*
*Walk her around, weíre done for the day*
*Get off of her back and give her a pat*
*Let her know she did good at that!*
*Youíve a sense of pride, as you walk away*
*Knowing youíve done enough for one day*