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Posed pictures and ride photos by Optical Harmonics. THANKS, JIM!! 2011 National Show pictures by Karen Crumbie. All other photos by Karma Farms.

Contact info: Vik's cell: 903-407-0298 Tommi's cell: 903-503-8611. Home phone with answering machine: 903-935-9980. Please call after dark for appointments because we must write those in our appointment book, and we don't have it available outside. Please don't email just now if you want a timely reply. Very busy summer leaves us with limited comp time. Email is karmafarms@yahoo.com but a call would be best just now. Thanks for helping.

For Sale from Karma Farms:

When you know you want the best, buy from America's Number ONE breeder of winning Spanish Mustang/Colonial Spanish Horses. Check out the horses for sale at Karma Farms on Facebook and feel free to email for more info. You'll find lots of nice selections from 2013 foals to ready to ride mares and geldings. And we post new albums of horses for sale at


Baby Driver

Need a top trail or endurance mount? Check out Baby Driver on our new Super Select sale page. Call us if you need a "ready to go" distance gelding right now.

We offer our own homebred horses and will have several very nice 4 year olds to start under saddle this spring and summer. We also offer quality breeding stock including bred mares carryng the service of our champion Karma Farms stallions. Our 2013 foals are just starting to arrive. This year's babies will be top notch and include foals by Rowdy Yates, Building A Mystery, Timber Ghost and CWH The Sea King. Let us help you find your own future champion. No breeding farm in the world has more winning horses than Karma Farms.

Our friends the Halupas at Karmelita Farms have some very nice stock for sale near us, most carrying Karma Farms bloodlines. Check their horses out at:
Karmelita Farms: Colonial Spanish Horses of Distinction

Why Not The Best?

Karma Farms, located between Marshall and Jefferson, Texas, is a family owned and operated breeding farm for America's First Horse. Why Not the Best? Whether folks are discussing America's First Horse as Colonial Spanish Horses, Original Indian Horses, or Spanish Mustangs, one breeding farm has led the way for decades. If you want the best, consider buying from America's leading breeder, Karma Farms.

Building A Mystery with Victoria Lynn and Rowdy Yates with Vickie Ives, December 2011

Trail Riding by Appointment

We also take trail riders out by appointment every day--and we do late evening rides until Daylight Savings Time ends. Prices are $30 per hour per horse with double riders (little kids only!) for $15. Call (903) 407-0298 for an appointment. We can't always take the reservation immediately as we may be outside working with horses or in the gardens, but we can let you kow what time to call back when someone will be inside to take your call. We have more info on riding here at the farm at the Karma Farms Trail Riding Page. Just leave the office and homework behind and join us for a "One Hour Vacation".

Trail riding ad

Karma Farms Day Camps

Archer leads the campers and their painted ponies up the backside of Dairy Hill.

Our Day Camps were over in August. Time to start making plans to get your youth rider enrolled for Summer 2014. We offer 4 beginner level camps, 2 in June and 2 in July, plus one intermediate level camp before school starts in August. Next year's tenative dates are June 10-12 with June 13th as our make-up day in case of a rain-out. Camp Two is June 24-26 with June 27th as our rain day. In July, Camp Three is July 8-10 with July 11 as the rain date. Camp Four is July 22-24 with July 25 as the rain date. We hope to be able to have 10 young riders in each camp this summer. If all these fill, we may offer a fifth camp in mid-August. Intermediate Camp will be Aug. 5-7 with August 8 as the rain date. Any camper who wishes to ride in Intermediate Camp MUST be a Karma Farms riding student or must audition BEFORE camp for approval. Intermediate Camp is much more challenging than the beginner camps. Cost for all Day Camps is $175. Come join us for lots of Colonial Spanish Horse fun and education with Vik and our great Karma Farms ramrods.

Karma Farms--Home of Champions!

Karma Farms' horses lead the way in many fields of equine competition.

Building A Mystery (Rowdy Yates/Liona) secured his place in history with his THIRD NATRC National Championship, winning First Place Open Heavyweight in Region 4 and 5th in the Nation for 2011. His lady Tori Lynn won Open Heavyweight Horsemanship in Region 4 as well as 5th in the nation--and BAM and Tori were High Point Open Heavyweight Team for 2011 in Region 4.

BAM and Tori on the trail.

BAM tells it as it is.

Building A Mystery is certainly earning his name as his legend grows. BAM will be standing at Karma Farms in 2013 for $500 stallion fee. His sire, the great Rowdy Yates, will not stand to outside mares in 2013.

Congratulations, Rowdy Yates and Building A Mystery!

Karma Farms' stallions 27 year old Rowdy Yates and his son Building A Mystery tied for Overall Champion at the AIHR/HOA National Show in 2011. This historic win was the first time ever for a tie for Overall. Even more interesting was the fact that it was father/son horses ridden by mother/daughter riders! Sixty nine horses competed at the National in 2011, so the competition was furious and more fun than ever with full classes in Youth, Junior, Adult and Senior Adult. Rowdy won the Senior Adult division with BAM winning the Adult division.

25 year old Rowdy Yates and his 2011 awardsVik and Rowdy lope up the road in Home Pasture, December 2011.Vik picks up the slicker in the Trail Class at the 2011 National Show.

Just to add icing to the cake, Rowdy competed in his first CTR since 2005 at Horsemasters right after the National Show, winning first place in the CP division with a score of 99.


Darlene and Brooke getting ready to saddle up

Got an idea when you'd like to see us hold our Ladies Weekend for 2013? Have suggestions for acivities that weekend? Email us! We'd love to hear from you.

Karma Farms' Other Stallions

Our farm boasts many winners produced by the great stallions we have had the pleasure to own over the years, horses like Choctaw Sun Dance, Rowdy Yates, El Tigre Segundo, Brother Love and now Building A Mystery. We have several younger stallions that will join the ranks of the great ones soon.

Save some $ and help us promote our junior stallions. Fees for 2013 are $350 for Illya Kuryakin and $400 for Timber Ghost.

Timber Ghost at the 2010 National Show where he won Reserve Champion Overall.

Timber Ghost (by Beetlejuice, he by El Valiente out of Venda Majico and out of Little Corn, she by Four Lane and out of Little Thing). "Ghost" is a sheer pleasure to ride: sweet, smooth, tough and willing. He is Vik's main mount, although he had to take a back seat to Rowdy in 2011 since the National Show was the 30th, a reunion for The Tejas Indian Horse Club and all its old performers, both people and horses. You'll see a lot more of Ghost in 2013. He was Champion Overall at the 2010 National Show, and also won Champion Original at Halter. In his first in Open competiton, he placed 6th in Open Heavyweight in the NATRC Region 4 Year End Standings with only 3 rides in 2011. This lovely grulla can do it all. His foundation pedigree is second to none, and his fine foals prove it.

Timber Ghost at 2010 National Show in TrailVik checks Ghost in at the Pole Canyon CTR.

Meet Illya Kuryakin (Magneto/Dancing Dove, she by Choctaw Sun Dance out of Morning Dove (Paloma Manana in SMR). Illya is a creme stallion with superior Spanish type. He is by Magneto (Broom/Espéranza), NATRC National First Place Open Jr. Horse. No one who has seen Magneto has ever doubted his wonderful type and ability. Add to Magneto's superior performance pedigree Illya's dam Dancing Dove, an outstanding isabella Choctaw Sun Dance daughter out of Morning Dove (Paloma Manana in SMR), perhaps Tiger Eye's best producer and dam of NATRC National Champion Cito Mocha Raton. Unlimited potential is the heritage of this young stallion. Wait until you see Illya in action!

Head shot pf Brother Love

Our other shared stallion is Brother Love, by Blue Crane out of Maggie, both sired by Crane out of Blue Monday. "Bro" is co-owned with Ginni Brumley and is now standing with her daughter Jessica in Oklahoma. "Bro" remains the only stallion ever to win the coveted "Champion Original At Halter" title at the National Show THREE times.

Our Spanish Sport Ponies

If you need a smaller stallion, don't forget our two little Spanish Sport Ponies. Stallion fee for either is $350, but CWH The Sea King's fee is free to pure Corolla mares. Our homebred Grand Canyon stallion is Scoundrel Days by Rowdy Yates out of Lucinda, she by Barbwire out of Starlite. "Scoundrel" is a 8 year old copper dun under 13 hands. The Grand Canyons are among the rarest and smallest CS Horses. "Scoundrel" has Rowdy's brio and mane--lots of action in a very small size. His daughter Bella Notte was Reserve Champion "O" foal for 2011.

Scoundrel Days by Rowdy Yates out of Lucinda (Barbwire/Starlite)

Bella Notte wins Reserve at the 2011 National ShowBella with Scott Nelis--a better idea of Bella's timy size.

Have a look at CWH The Sea King, our wonderful flaxen maned sorrel stallion from Corolla Island in North Carolina.

The Sea King and Tommi climb a hill at Tarrant Ranch CTR, 2011.
King" is 13' 1", and the kindest little horse. He was started under saddle in 2010 and doing great. He and Tommi did the Tejas Indian Horse Club events in 2010 and 2011, ending 2010 in second place in the Adult division for 2010 and fourth place in 2011. King started his trail career as a drag rider's mount when he and Tommi went to the Critter Creek CTR Sept. 4-5, 2010 to let him get a taste of NATRC. In 2011, he finished 2 NATRC rides, though plagued with an injury that caused him to be captured on Currituck in the first place. The scar causes him to be very slightly off on the injured hind at check-out so far, but he has finished every ride easily in great shape otherwise. He continues to win in shows and games as well as working as Tommi's guide horse on our trail rides here at the farm. How many stallions could carry a child double while leading a mare behind? I watched Tommi do that very thing recently and had to smile. What temperament in the super little Corolla horses!

Tommi and King head into a P&R, Girl Scout Scamper, 2011.Tommi and King at a canter to stop observation, Girl Scout Scamper, 2011.

Jennifer Maddox and King in Tejas Show speed event, July 2011.

His stablemate and fellow Corolla Wild Horse, our gelding CWH Up 'N Adam, won Reserve Champion Junior Horses for Anna Crumbie in 2011 and is working for a youth rider, Katelyn Minatrea, this season.

Anna and Adam in Frontier Period CostumeAnna and Adam a speed event at the National Show.

We've got six wonderful Corolla Horses now including three mares, our gelding CWH Up 'N Adam and a jet black coming 5 year old stallion the Corolla Wild Horse Fund named CWH Suerte. CWH Adam's Eve had her first foal in 2011 by our Grand Canyon stallion Scoundrel Days. This cross has likely NEVER been made before in history, and if it has, it must have been over 150 years ago. What do you think we got? The flaxen sorrel gelding has strong Iberian traits, and Grand Canyon type markings including a thin blaze that suddenly hooks sideways, bisecting his nostril. So we couldn't resist--we named him "Captain Hook". Hook is now owned by Nanci Falley and would love to meet you if you are in the area of Nanci's Rancho San Fransico in Lockhart, Texas. Hook is joined at Rancho San Francisco by Bella Notte, likely the smallest Grand Canyon filly in the world. Congratulations to Nanci and AIHR for helping us promote the smaller CS Horses, our Spanish Sport Ponies!

Watch as we train the Corolla "sea horses" at The Corolla Horses of Karma Farms, and be sure to keep up with them at our Karma Farms Facebook site. Mary-Margaret Tunks' mare, CWH Whispering Jesse, made her halter debute at the 2009 AIHR/HOA National Show, winning fourth at halter in a huge (and tough) class of CS mares. Bet you'll be seeing much more of Jesse as Darlene Alleman shows her under saddle for Mary-Margaret in the Tejas Indian Horse Club Shows this season.

Star Woman, our American Bison, is now the official Buffalo Mascot of the American Indian Horse Registry

Star Woman gives Tommi kisses

Check out Star Woman's album on Facebook for more pictures. She is 5 years old and has always been with horses. She is friendly and gentle and you can visit her here--and maybe even get to pet her through the fence. Don't forget to ask for your own Star Woman coloring sheet!

The Fernando Saddle

Looking for a saddle that will FIT your Colonial Spanish Horse? Check out our Fernando Saddle

Riding Lessons on Champion Colonial Spanish Horses

If there is a young rider (or "rider-wanna-be"!) at your house, we'd love to have him or her join us for riding lessons here at Karma Farms. Tommi and Vik love teaching new riders the joy of Colonial Spanish Horses. Our emphasis on safety and good horsemanship has helped many superior young riders including NATRC National High Point Juniors and AIHR Papoose, Youth and Junior National Champions. We use the best saddle horses on the farm for lessons including champions like Fernando, CWH Up 'N Adam, Ever After, One Dance Left, Ilo's Shaquita Bonita plus our newly added "dude string" horses like Yellow Brick Road, Golden Earth Girl and Donna Anita as well as our friend John Fusco's own horse Little Fox who is visiting us while John works on new movies. Give us a call to enroll your young rider now.

Jennifer Maddox leads campers below Rock Hill.

Here's a special new feature for our newest young trainers. Your youth riders will love our Young Trainers Page.

Kids love the horses and woodland beauty of Karma Farms.

Need a top trail or endurance mount? Check out Baby Driver on our new Super Select sale page. Hope to have it up soon! Call us if you need a "ready to go" distance gelding right now.


Karma Farms is located in deep East Texas between Marshall and Jefferson on US 59, only about 12 miles north of I-20. Glad to have you visit us to meet America's First Horse. No Colonial Spanish or Spanish Mustang breeding farm in the world can match Karma Farms' list of winners and champions.

The Colonial Spanish is still America's best horse for trail riding, distance riding, cattle work, and all around best compadre. This breed is called Colonial Spanish Horse, Spanish Mustang, Spanish Barb, Original Indian Horse, or even Cayuse. By whatever name, these tough, smooth riding, intelligent and historic horses are still proving their worth for today's riders. Our farm is home to some of the best Colonial Spanish horses in the world. Don't make the mistake of confusing these rare horses with wild ferals like most BLM adoptees. The Horse of the Americas Registry and the American Indian Horse Registry's Original section records pedigreed horses. These horses come from stock brought to the Americas during the Colonial Spanish period. At Karma Farms, history is a living, breathing remnant of the America's Old West. We breed the best to the best to share that history with today's riders. Here at Karma Farms, we lead ALL other breeders of these horses in championships, registry awards and number of winning horses--whether they are called Colonial Spanish Horses, Spanish Mustangs or Original Indian Horses. America's most decorated breeding farm invites you to visit and try a CS Horse.

When you visit Karma Farms, you can meet some of the horses that helped to inspire John Fusco's 2002 animated movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron. He honored us by naming Spirit's dam after our famous broodmare Espéranza. Many of this great mare's offspring still live at Karma Farms including Rowdy Yates, My Sunshine, and Xena. John's other famous famous horse movie Hidalgo, released in 2004, introduced more people to America's First Horse. Come and meet the real horses of the Old West at Karma Farms.

These historic horses are indeed rare today. Probably less than 5,000 are left in the world. Colonial Spanish are among the most wonderful, tough and loyal of horses. Each is a unique work of the Great Spirit. This is not a "look-alike, think-alike" breed. They are Picassos, not screen prints. Those who love the unique as well as the historic often find their equine soul mate at Karma Farms. The Horse of the Americas is also America's best family horse.

These handy, versatile horses can do virtually anything--from barrel racing to dressage. At Karma Farms, our favorite equestrian sports are competitive trail riding and American Indian Horse shows, but we do special exhibitions, parades, and all sorts of fun events as we promote America's First Horse.

Choctaw Sun Dance rearingOur very first Colonial Spanish Horse was also registered as an Original American Indian Horse. He changed the course of our lives. His name was Choctaw Sun Dance. This magic Medicine Hat made breed history. Meet "Dance" by clicking here, on his name or on his picture.

Tomlyn Grey would like to tell about her horses herself. Check out the pages she built for Fernando and her others years ago: "One Crazy Kid And The Horses That Put Up With Her...". "Tommi" works hard helping with the farm. She and her boy Fernando can do it all! Meet the little black gelding, now 18 years old, that Tommi trained herself, a special little horse that is the most decorated CS gelding alive today. He's still out there winning today. In fact in 2008 "Ferdie" won the Youth Division at the AIHR/HOA National Show under Remington Hill and then went on to the Region 4 Benefit CTR the next weekend and won the Novice Jr. Division under Ashley Frazier.

Remington Hill guides Fernando into a turn in Forest EscapeAshley Frazier leads Fernando int a P&R check.

If you would enjoy another sample of Tommi's writing, here's Tommi's "shout out" on those who unfairly condemn others.

Want to know more about Karma Farms stallions?

More Stallion Info and Pages

Rowdy YatesRowdy Yates
Many times Champion at halter, performance and distance. AIHR Dreamcatcher Award, SMR Grande Conquistador, a Breyer model and Breyerfest performer. Simply the top siring Colonial Spanish stallion in the world.

Building A MysteryBuilding a Mystery, 2009-10-11 AIHR/HOA National Show Overall High Point, 2009 National Solid Color Champion, and Horse of the Americas Overall High Point, 2008, 2009 and 2011 NATRC National Champion. Many times SMR Show, Games and Trail Horse of the Year. SMR Grande Conquistador. Already a legend and still competing today!

Tambourine ManTambourine Man
*Sire of NATRC National Champions including 2007 National First Place Open Junior Horse "Rambler".

LocomotionLocomotion, our paso-gaited, color producing Choctaw Sun Dance son. "Loco" was the sire of THREE AIHR National Champions. The last "Loco" foal was born in 2010 to the fabulous high point earning mare Liona (Broom/Starlite), dam of Building A Mystery. May our Loco rest in peace. His boys Under The Sun and Half of My Heart and daughters Layla and Walk This Way will be here to carry on.

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Phone: Home--(903) 935-9980 and leave a message if we aren't in or use our cells if we're outside: (903) 407-0298 (Vik) or (903) 503-8611 (Tommi). Evenings are best.

Please don't email if you want a timely reply. We are super busy this summer and have very little computer time. A call would be best. That said, our email is karmafarms@yahoo.com. Any hate mail sent to this email address will be reported to your server.